step into my head. you may not be able to leave - it's a bit jumbled in there.


yo how much dirt you gotta throw in the ocean to make a new country

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Ben Dahlhaus photographed by Esra Sam

no no no this is illegal. is he even real?

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Thank you so much Barry Quinn on Tumblr , for all the lovely goodies in the post including the beautifully illustrated book Island

For anyone else interested in this 60 page graphic novel, you can grab one on Etsy for just over £12 (under $20)




I need this as a vacation cottage.

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George Barbier (c. 1910) Golden Comb with the Effigy of King Alfonso XII of Spain


George Barbier (c. 1910) Golden Comb with the Effigy of King Alfonso XII of Spain



wow my brother was telling me this joke and he said

"if you’re fighting with a woman and she pulls a knife on you, just pull out the bread and cheese and meat and her womanly instincts will kick in and she’ll just make you a sandwich"

then all of a sudden our mom emerges from the kitchen holding a huge ass knife and she approaches my brother asking “sorry what was that?” and he started screaming

100000000 points to mom.

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Saltstraumen Bodo, Norway


Sanjai, a 20-years old bull (male elephant), sees himself for the first time in front of a mirror. [x]

elephants are fucking awesome.

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I’m so impressed by girls who can put together a really cute outfit and do their hair and makeup really nice every single day like if I manage to shower and eat breakfast it’s a damn victory

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Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom (Interpretation in Red), 1890, by Vincent van Gogh


i think it’s so neat that everyone develops their own unique handwriting even though we’re all taught to write our letters the same way really it’s so cool

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